Hello world!

My epiphany

Basically, as a scientist I deem it important to share not only my output with the world, but also my input and (sometimes) messy throughput.

For a very long time, however, I felt somewhat insecure to share anything except my final products. What if… anyone took my research ideas; discovered a flaw in my work; or even worse, did not like my work 😓?

One epiphany came when I recently built a brick tower (lego) for my 3-old daughter. She not only immediately completely destroyed my tower because I used “too much yellow”, but also constructed a castle in a couple of minutes. And oh boy, here design was much better indeed.

Why ‘this’ website?

Because everthing I do has to be neurotically done in the R programming language. As soon as someone starts talking about Python or any other programming language I get very extremely agitated.

Hence, this website too is built using R, Rstudio, blogdown, Hugo, and the Academic theme for Hugo (thanks to all of you!).

Lastly, I am certainly not the yoda of R (considering my rather frequent use of Stackoverflow), so hopefully this website provides the opportunity to move a bit in the direction of a yedi.