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Selected Publications

(2017). Creativity in local government: Definition and determinants. In Public Administration.


Recent Publications

(2018). One HRM Fits All? A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of HRM Practices in the Public, Semipublic, and Private Sector. In Review of Public Personnel Administration.

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(2017). Creativity in local government: Definition and determinants. In Public Administration.


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Sharing my thoughts on deregulation
Sep 12, 2018 1:00 PM

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Practitioners are increasingly using Big Data analytics to develop smarter policies, improve service provision, and advance internal (business) processes. In a similar vein, Big Data analytics has the potential to advance the discipline of public administration too. At the IRPSM conference in Wellington, New Zealand, we organize a panel aiming to bring together public administration scholars who research very large data sets to discuss the potentials and challenges of big-data research methods for public administration.


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Why I started this website?



Is government searching for different personalities?

Many scholars have touched upon the importance of civil servants’ personality, but the topic has received little systematic empirical attention. In this project I investigate desirable personality characteristics in job ads both in the public sector over time and in comparison to the private sector.

Motivating citizens!?

Governments try to outsource their tasks to citizens: What works and what does not?

Big-data tutorial

Big-data tutorial (in Dutch)

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