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My research program focuses on civil servants’ behaviour, psychological characteristics, and competencies, and on how their work is affected by managerial techniques and organisational structures. In particular, I am interested in civil servants’ work-related creativity.

Methodologically speaking, I like to program in R to solve big medium (unstructured) data problems and try to bring across my passion for quantitative text analysis, sound statistical research and good psychological measurement instruments to students.

I am blessed with three small children, of which the oldest just turned four, and a cat without a tail. If there is still time left, I put my energy in learning to garden.

My research interests
My academic profile

I have a background in Public Aministration and Organization Studies (BA & MA); and did my PhD in psychometrics. I am currently working as assistant professor at the department of Public Administration, Radboud University, the Netherlands.

I teach organizational theory, public management, and statistics to public administration students; and supervise several PhD students. Currently, I learn javascript and other programming languages to build my own digital research instruments.


Follow the link above to visit the official page of my smartphone app for to conduct (self-report) qualitative and quantitative longitudinal diary, log and survey research (available on the App Store for iPhones and Ipads and on Google Play for Android devices): DearScholar.

Research on public servants' competencies
In case you are interested in my publications, including my research on public servants' competencies, please consult my publication list.